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Editorial content

Let’s talk content

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If you’re pondering the benefits of creating and distributing content in your marketing strategy, yet aren’t sure you’re up to everything that entails – devising editorial content for your site or app, regular upkeep of blogs, newsletters, social networks or partners’ websites – it may be because you’re a little bit – well, let’s face it – way behind in your organisation. Not to worry, nothing’s lost. We’re here to help! But you’re going to have to get used to a new form of digital marketing – and fast!


There is no longer any question as to the necessity of content. In fact, content alone just doesn’t suffice anymore. You want your publications to attract, intrigue and win over your clients, visitors, fans and followers. And for them in turn to react, participate, leave comments and share in order to boost your visibility. For all this to happen, a whole new methodology covering a broad range of aspects needs to be enforced.


Don’t get carried away by your enthusiasm without first making sure you’re properly equipped. And don’t forget your secret weapon – MEDIATEO! We work side-by-side with start-ups and international companies on their desktop and mobile websites, elaborating their editorial strategy, enabling creative content production, overseeing social network activity, and even tweaking their branding strategy.


Content & Organic Indexing

seo mediateo

Web indexing of yesteryear has been and gone. Tomorrow’s remains unknown. The ever-evolving rules and regulations of search engines require constant attention if you want to stay on top of the latest trends, tools and techniques. MEDIATEO does this for you. We keep track on a daily basis of international news concerning SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and actively contribute to the cause.


Today’s search engines, Google included, give ranking preference to websites that offer pertinent and original copy. Brands that don’t make the effort to provide unique, creative and index-worthy material that carries weight are penalised as they watch their audience wither away. Don’t let your webpages fall into the oubliettes of Google. They should have an impact on each and every one of your readers.


Each of our writers possesses in-depth knowledge pertaining to specific domains. Our strength lies in the union of these various talents that allows us to optimize the quality of our work by picking the most appropriate wordsmith for each individual job.


Content & Social Networks

social networks mediateo

Social networks – the best known of which, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, or Instagram, need no mention – vary significantly when it comes to audience and method. This is why it is of utmost importance that your writing be tailored to each one.


You’ll need the support of writers who are not only familiar with the rules and regulations of each online community platform but who also know how to find the right slant and style so that your work gets noticed, provokes conversation, raises questions, creates a buzz or even controversy, if that’s your desired effect. MEDIATEO’s accomplished writing experts are your strongest allies.


Content & Branding Strategy

content strategy mediateo

Nowadays, communication methods between a brand and its clientele provide more concrete means of discussion. Benefitting from easier access to information, Internet and Mobile users alike are much more informed than they were just a few years ago. They expect quick answers and human interaction when needs arise.


Incorporating a content marketing plan into your overall branding strategy allows you to learn more about your audience and clientele – their profiles, their real needs, their criticisms and their demands. Being attentive to and interacting with your audience is the best way to quickly set things right when they go wrong, to adapt to new trends and to gain customer respect.


Content & E-business

e-business mediateo

Editorial content occasionally suffers a bad rap. Let’s get things straight right off the bat. We are not an offshore outsourcing company. Nor are we a book club or a group of students.


MEDIATEO’s writers, ranging in age from 25 to 45 and with diverse backgrounds, are all seasoned digital professionals having worked in various positions throughout the industry from e-commerce to business development, web and mobile project management or finance.


Our tailor-made editorial strategies all hinge upon your goals and objectives, giving weight to such notions as ROI (Return on Investment) and ROC (Return on Content). We aim to maximize your visibility and increase your number of fans and followers. We’ll also help you boost your sales if that’s what you’re striving for.


Content & Globalization

international mediateo

MEDIATEO doesn’t just produce content. We create multilingual content capable of covering all your international markets. Naturally, we are able to do all this in English, but you can also count on us to elaborate your writing strategy in over 30 languages, taking into careful consideration any cultural differences and target market expectations that come into play.


Need your newsletter published in 10 languages? Or help managing your Facebook and Twitter posts on an international basis? Do your product sheets need translating? Our accomplished team of native linguists has what it takes to help you.


Get your project off the ground with MEDIATEO!


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