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Our Team

The Mediateo Team

Nancy, co-founder

photonancyNationality: French
Lives in: Barcelona, Spain
Languages: French, English and Spanish
Has studied: Management & communication, Aix en Provence
Interests: travels, photography, fitness and skiing

Nancy has 10 years of experience in the fields of copywriting, editorial & graphic content production and management and has worked for various high-profile e-commerce, online advertising and group buying companies in France and Spain. After 3 years working for Groupalia and LetsBonus (LivingSocial group) in Barcelona, she decided to embark on the Mediateo adventure in search of constant creativity.


Mathieu, co-founder

photomathieuNationality: French
Lives in: Barcelona, Spain
Languages: French, English and Spanish
Has studied: M.A. in English Studies, Université d’Avignon / B.A. English studies, Nottingham University
Interests: cinema, music, stand-up-paddle surfing and running.

Mathieu has worked 13 years in the e-travel and online advertising industry in England, France and Spain before he decided to combine his knowledge of international online advertising with his first passion, languages. He was part of the successes of Booking.com and Housetrip from an early stage and embraced various manager and director roles in the fields of affiliation, marketing and business development.


Philippine, Project Manager

photophilippineNationality: French
Lives in: Barcelona, Spain
Languages: French, English and Spanish
Has studied: Bachelor’s Degree in Langues Étrangères Appliquée (Applied Foreign Languages), First year of Master’s Degree in Multimedia Translation (T2M) in Dijon (France)
Interests: Music, drawing, photography, cooking, travels and surfing

After finishing her Bachelor’s Degree at Royal Holloway, University of London (England) under Erasmus, Philippine started a Master’s Degree in Multimedia Translation and interned in the Web Marketing Department of a translation agency based in Barcelona (Spain), before joining the Mediateo team.


Mediateo Worldwide

Bart, Translator


Nationality: Belgian
Lives in: Lanaken, Belgium
Languages: Dutch, French and English


“Happy to be part of this young, exciting company! I am freelance translator English-French-Dutch, living in Belgium, who shares his six years experience with a great team. Looking for an enthusiastic, client-focused company that delivers top quality translation? Contact us right now! Hope to hear from you soon.”


Eva, Translator


Nationality: Spanish
Lives in: Logroño, Spain
Languages: Spanish, French and English


“I have been working with Mediateo for a couple a years as a Freelance Translator and I love it! We always work on interesting and wide-ranging projects. We maintain a close relationship with the team in order for the communication to run smoothly. That way, we can all play our part in every project and work efficiently. The team is young and profesionnal.”




Victoria, Translator


Nationality: English
Lives in: Exeter, UK
Languages: English and French


“I grew up in England, and moved to France in 2002. I studied Foreign Languages at the South Brittany University in Lorient. I have always been interested in language and communication, and enjoy working with words. I have been working with Mediateo as a French to English translator and English copywriter since last year. As there is a large range of clients, the projects are extremely varied, so I never know what I’m going to get next!”


Jussi, Translator

jussi-mediateoNationality: Finnish
Lives in: Helsinki, Finland
Languages: Finnish and English


“Mediateo has always been a friendly client who knows what they want, and what their translators want. Working for them is like working with your friends.”




Julia, Translator


Nationality: French
Lives in: Paris, France
Languages: French, English and Spanish


“I have been working as a translator for Mediateo for more than two years now. It has been great to be able to use my linguistic skills and creativity to help the team deliver its high-quality services to lots of different clients and industries.”





Cristina, Translator


Nationality: Romanian
Lives in: Iasi, Romania
Languages: Romanian, English, Italian and French


” I have been a translator since 2007 and I have been working with Mediateo for 2 years. It’s a great team to work with, projects are interesting and PMs are nice.”





Pasquale, Translator


Nationality: Italian
Lives in: Manaus, Brazil
Languages: Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and English

“Since the first collaboration with Mediateo, in 2013, I could appreciate their working policy. All the projects, even the smallest tasks, are managed with savoir-faire and how-know: excellent communication, clear instructions, an efficient QA control and a qualified management of the human resources. This helped us to work always smoothly, and surely is the key to continue to grow together and aim to the customers’ satisfaction. The variety of the projects carried out allows the team to be eclectic and capable to handle any kind of projects. Happy to see the growth of the team and I’m glad and proud to be on board.”




Katarzyna, Translator


Nationality: Polish
Lives in: Tacoronte, Spain
Languages: Polish and English


“I have been translating for Mediateo for almost two years now. It’s a reliable and upstanding provider, and the project managers are professional and friendly, making Mediateo one of my favourite companies to work with.”



Stéphanie, Copywriter

Stéphanie-MediateoNationality: French
Lives in: Montpellier, France
Languages: French and English


“Mediateo is an agency with a team of young and dynamic translators and writers from all kinds of backgrounds. The work is interesting because the clients and projects are diverse.”




Carmen, Translator


Nationality: Spanish
Lives in: Barcelona, Spain
Languages: Spanish, Catalan and German


“Working with Mediateo gives me the chance to work on interesting software localization projects. Communication and practicality are two key words on their workflow, which is always as agile as possible. Their project management is clearly client-oriented in terms of flexibility and they also provide effective working methods for freelancers.”


Victoria, Translator


Nationality: English
Lives in: England
Languages: French and English


“I knew it would click with Mediateo from the moment I read their job ad. A subsequent visit to their website confirmed my hunch. In a sea of translation and content agencies, this was one I wanted to work with! A year and many assignments later, I’m extremely happy to be working with Mediateo on a regular basis. The work Mathieu sends my way is interesting and thought-provoking while contact is friendly, laid-back and professional. And who wouldn’t want to work with a content agency that uses an elephant as its logo?”


Isabella, Translator


Nationality: Danish
Lives in: Copenhagen, Denmark
Languages: Danish, English and Spanish







Anabela, Translator


Nationality: Portuguese
Lives in: Aveiro, Portugal
Languages: Portuguese, English, French


“I have been working as freelance translator for Mediateo for a few years now. It has always been a pleasure to deliver them the Portuguese translation of all good projects they are always involved in. It has been a really great experience to cooperate with them!”



Ivan, Translator

Ivan team mediateo

Nationality: Chinese
Lives in: Shijiazhuang, China
Languages: Chinese and English


“It is a pleasure to work with Mediateo. Very friendly, helpful and professional people.”





Shiho, Translator


Nationality: Japanese
Lives in: Rochester, USA
Languages: Japanese, English


“I am an English-Japanese translator based in Western New York with a variety of experience in translation of published books, scholarly articles, websites, business documents, and more. As a member of this energetic team of Mediateo linguists, I am thrilled to further broaden my experience as a translator.”


Joe, Copywriter


Nationality: English
Lives in: Rickmansworth, England
Languages: English


“For Mediateo, I have experience of blog writing, themed content writing, word spinning, and proof-reading. It is an absolute pleasure to work for the company, and the writing itself is varied and interesting – I am lucky to have the opportunity to learn about a variety of people and topics as a by-product of my daily work.”



Karine, Translator

Nationality: FrenchKarine team mediateo
Lives in: Sceaux, France
Languages: French


“Working with the Mediateo team is a true opportunity to translate interesting website content. Each new assignment is actually a learning experience. Everything is simple, easy, the team is flexible, very professional yet very human. Thanks Mediateo!”



Tatiana, Traductrice

Tatiana team mediateo

Nationality: French/Brazilian
Lives in: Belo-Horizonte, Brazil
Languages: Brazilian Portuguese, English and French


“It’s an honour to be part of this team. With the Mediateo projects, I can combine the journalist and the translator that lives in me. Interesting projects and great staff.”






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