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The Tea Time Translation News #8

The Tea Time Translation News #8

Every week, we go all over the Internet to find the best translation news

shutterstock_319653851 Here are some articles that might interest our English-speaking audience:

England v France: French national anthem La Marseillaise lyrics and translation (source: Independent.co.uk)

In order to show their support to France after the Paris attacks that occured last Friday, the English football fans joined their opponents and sang the French anthem before the England vs France game on Tuesday. The lyrics of La Marseillaise were displayed on giant screens at Wembley and a translation was provided on the same day by all the major newspapers in the UK.

Wearable ASL Translation Technology (source: Languagemagazine.com)

An Associate Professor at the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Texas A&M University, USA, designed a tool aimed at translating ASL – American Sign Language.

Speech signal processing technology for smart devices to achieve multilingual speech translation service (source: Phys.org)

The Japanese company Hitachi has developped a device able to single out a voice in a noisy environment, in order to achieve a better multilingual speech translation service. This tool arrives as a solution to the language barrier faced by tourists who increasingly come to visit Japan.

Microsoft Translator gets a Windows 10 app (source: Winbeta.org)

The new Microsoft Translator app is available on Windows 10. The app has been rethought in order to get the best out of Windows 10. One particularly interesting feature is the possibility to select a given dialect, thus allowing travellers to use the text-to-speech feature in the local accent.


shutterstock_128197781 Voici les articles que nous avons sélectionné pour nos lecteurs francophones:

La chaîne franco-allemande Arte lance des programmes en anglais et espagnol (source : Information.tv5monde.com)

Arte propose désormais quelques programmes sous-titrés en anglais et en espagnol et souhaite ainsi “devenir une véritable télévision européenne”, selon les mots de Véronique Cayla, présidente d’Arte. La chaîne franco-allemande songe également à faire de même avec le polonais et l’italien.

Traduire le monde (source : Ledevoir.com)

L’écrivain Umberto Eco pense que la traduction est “la langue de l’Europe”. Cet article met en lumière les aides à la traduction accordées par quelques uns des membres de l’UE, mais aussi par le Canada. On apprend ainsi que la France accorde une importance majeure à faire connaître la littérature française, mais aussi et surtout, à découvrir celle du monde entier.


Photo Credit: Shutterstock

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