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Why choose Mediateo ?

Why choose Mediateo

MEDIATEO has a young and dynamic international team with a shared focus on one issue: the importance of editorial content and translation for companies when it comes to digital. MEDIATEO has expertise in three areas to meet your needs:


Mediateo – Digital content expert

Mediateo-expert-projets-digitauxWith twelve years of digital experience, MEDIATEO offers clients real technology and web skills. We are experts in CMS Open Source (WordPress, Drupal) and content integration, different programming languages (HTLM, PHP, Flash), DTP software (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign) and creating visual content. Every day we consolidate our digital knowledge and we often share what we know on our blog, especially in the Content News Café category. As experts in digital content we know all there is to know about SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and social media. We adapt content strategically to each online media platform: hook message, word count, posting date and time, number of posts weekly, choice of visuals, and so on.


When you trust us with your content MEDIATEO becomes part of your team. We are right there with you and we’ll stick around while the content and translation you need is carried out. This means you get an overall picture of your project, including the cost and delivery dates. Our team is on hand, reactive and mindful of confidentiality when it comes to the data and information you give us. We look after dozens of digital projects at the same time and we don’t get flustered when timings are tight.


social mediaMediateo works in many business sectors including travel, property, retail, healthcare, sport, software, gaming, insurance, construction, e-commerce and online reputation management. We also work in many different formats: company and press blog articles, social media (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Slideshare, Scoop.it, About.me, Cruncbase, Viadeo), newsletters, slogans, writing unique content corporate bios, SEO pages, landing pages, etc.


Mediateo – Multilingual content expert

mediateo-expert-production-contenus-multilinguesWe create bespoke, original content that is 100% adapted to your industry, in any language and in any form.


To make this happen we have a large network of native professionals specialized in different domains and trained to create unique, high quality editorial content that is optimized for search engines.



Mediateo – Translation and localization expert

mediateo-expert-traduction-localisationMEDIATEO offers high quality digital translation and localization, whatever the chosen language and whatever the project. We get ready by doing in-depth research ahead of each project. We make a list of specific and technical terms (a glossary) that we approve with you, and we study the terminology that is unique to your company. We go over each document with a fine toothcomb so we have everything we need to provide you with a great translation.



How does it work?

mediateo-gestion-projetsMEDIATEO steps in ahead of each content writing and translation project. We take the time to analyze your needs and settle on an editorial approach before moving onto the actual writing or translation part.


Right away you are introduced to a project leader who will manage your project from start to finish, and they will go over your documents with you in detail. This stage is crucial because it allows us to draw up editorial guidelines and a glossary of terms that are unique to your industry and a list of keywords) that will allow the writer / translator to produce error-free work without any misinterpretation. Lastly, we work together to define the editorial style.


Once this preliminary stage is completed, we assign the writing / translation task to a member of our team according to their linguistic skills and the nature of the project. MEDIATEO keeps in touch with you throughout the writing/translating stage.


Afterwards, it is time for careful proofreading: we check the spelling and grammar; that the instructions have been followed, the glossary has been used effectively, and so on.


Then, after a final once-over, we give you the final project.

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