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Translate, why?


Translation and potential clients*

translation mediateo

→ 72% of Internet users only look at websites available in their own language
→ 72% of Internet users are more likely to buy a product or service if the description is available in their own language
→ 90% of Internet users in Europe always look at websites in their own language when they can
→ 42% of Internet users in Europe never buy products or services if the description is not available in their own language
*Common Sense Advisory and European Commission survey (2015)


Translation and Branding

By translating your site, application or software, you will immediately give your business an international dimension in terms of reputation and credibility. Translating what you do also shows that you are customer-focused, that you care about your customer’s culture and work hard to put them in their comfort zone. The result is a significant improvement in the user experience for your international audience, as well as a boost in trust in your brand.


Translation and Marketing

Translation has to be the most affordable marketing tool offering the best return on investment. Translating your media triggers an immediate improvement in most of your key performance indicators: opening up new markets, attracting new clients, improving conversion rates and customer loyalty, expanding your fan base, gaining more followers on your social media networks, and so on.


Translation and Search Engine Optimisation

translation mediateo

When complete with an SEO strategy, translating your website can increase your presence on search engines exponentially. Firstly on Google and its regional extensions (Google.fr, Google.es, etc.), but also on search engines like Yandex (Russia), Naver (South Korea) and Baidu (China) which are the Number 1s in their respective markets and work almost exclusively in their national languages.


Translation and Competition

Be as competitive as your competitors who are offering their service in several languages. Go one better by developing new languages niches where you have no competition.


Translation and New Opportunities

It’s simple, translating your business makes more possible: local partners, country-specific distribution channels, multilingual SEM campaigns targeting new customer bases, language-specific social media networks, a better understanding of your new markets.


Translate, how?


Translation vs Localisation

Translate: to substitute one language for another
Localise: to adapt the content for translation to the local cultural and functional requirements


Localisation and Cultural Content

By localising your media you adapt the tone, style and humour to the cultural parameters of your target markets. The same applies for your choice of colours, graphics and images, but also for references to things like seasonal events and religious celebrations.


Localisation and functional content

Localising your media also means adjusting formats (time, date, telephone numbers, measures, addresses…), as well as currencies, word order in sentences and even the names of towns/countries/monuments to your new customer base.


Localisation and Search Engine Optimisation

mediateo translation

Localisation also consists of finding and using the most pertinent vocabulary and key words in your business sector to optimise your ranking on search engines or App Stores. This may involve adapting the language of your URLs, tags or meta-tags.


How we work

At MEDIATEO, we become an integral part of your team. As colleagues, we work together with you to make the translation/localisation of your website, application or software fit the image of your company. To make this happen we use a tried and tested method:



Together we define the context, your internal jargon, terminology relative to your industry, different technical terms, your business models and your procedures

Text analysis

we review your documents thoroughly and leave no room for uncertainties

Identifying placeholders

we check the context and the meaning of your placeholders ({currency} / {country} / {info_1}) so we put them in the right place in our translations

Text size

we adapt our translations to character restrictions, if need be

Making a termbase

we make a glossary that we share with you and our team, and we update it through monitoring the progress of translation projects

Accepted synonyms

we list and you approve accepted synonyms

1 contact person

one project manager will take care of contacting you, briefing our teams, delivering your translations and following up


we think two pairs of eyes are better than one. We pay special attention to proofreading translated texts and this is why we include time for proofreading in our delivery times.


after delivering the finished project, we will make changes to the documents at your request



Get your project off the ground with MEDIATEO!



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