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The Tea Time Translation News #3

The Tea Time Translation News #3

Every week, we go all over the Internet to find the best translation news

shutterstock_319653851 This week, we wanted to share with our readers the following articles in English:

Learning the lingo: Here’s how Google Translate copes with even the rarest languages (source: Zdnet.com)

Among the 7,000 languages spoken in the world, 40% could disappear. Google thinks that the Internet is a way for them to be preserved. Over a hundred communities collaborate with Google providing translations for Google Translate. Friesan speakers, from the Netherlands, have already given Google 200,000 translations « for people from around the world to understand and appreciate » it, said Google Communication Manager in the Netherlands.

Amazon’s translation imprint announces $10 million initiative (source: Talkingnewmedia.com)

Amazon, which has gradually become one the first American publisher in terms of translated books, decided to spend $10 million over the next five years to finance translations. They also announced the launch of a submission page on their AmazonCrossing platform, in order for translators, authors and so on, to suggest a book to translate.

Why ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’ Sound So Similar in So Many Languages (source: Theatlantic.com)

An interesting reflection about the surprising connection between all languages regarding the way people call their mothers and fathers. The main idea is that even though there are so many different languages all over the world, those two words remain quite similar from one language to the next. According to this article, this intriguing fact could find one of its explanations in the order in which babies learn to make sounds.

Newport Beach Restaurant Installs translation Service For Deaf Customers (source: Abc7.com)

A restaurant in Newport Beach (USA) now uses a live interpretation system in order to help their deaf customers with their orders. Using a video system, they can contact a remote interpreter who can improve their communication with the waiter.


shutterstock_128197781 Cette semaine nous avons sélectionné cet article sur la presse francophone en ligne :

Square Enix aimerait s’essayer au crowdfunding pour la traduction de certains jeux (source: Nextinpact.com)

De nombreux jeux vidéo japonais demeurent inaccessibles sur le marché occidental en raison des coûts de traduction de scripts pouvant aller jusqu’à 1,5 millions de mots. L’entreprise Square Enix réfléchit donc à faire appel à la communauté de « gamers » au travers d’une campagne de crowfunding afin de financer la localisation de ses produits.


Photo Credit: Shutterstock

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