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The Tea Time Translation News #4

The Tea Time Translation News #4

Every week, we go all over the Internet to find the best translation news

shutterstock_319653851 This week, the following articles caught our attention:

Microsoft Translator for Windows 10 Mobile Exits Beta, Adds Full Universal App Features (source: News.softpedia.com)

Microsoft Translator for Windows 10 Mobile is now in full swing, and users can now access all its features ranging from simple translations into 50 different languages to camera translations into 19 idioms.

Why Translation Apps Are a Foodie’s Best Friend (source: Wsj.com)

Translation applications seem to be indispensable for any self-respecting food lover. The author of this article provides a non-exhaustive list of applications that aim at facilitating the comprehension of menus, but he also explains that sometimes, the translation given is way too literal. He gives the example of the sha gua mian dish, translated by Waygo, one of those apps, as « Idiot noodles ».

BBC Launches Japanese Language News Site To Extend Its Global Advertising Reach (source: Techcrunch.com)

The BBC has entered the Japanese market by launching its news site in Japanese.  It is the very first website of its network being funded by ads, and not by licence fees.

What you can find in MetaGlossary (source: Termcoord.eu)

The European Union provides online tools aimed at users looking for the best translation options. Among those tools, MetaGlossary is an application that agregates word definitions found in online dictionaries, glossaries and lexicons.

12 American Publishers Sign Pledge to Fight Chinese Censorship (source: Adweek.com)

To fight infringement of freedom of expression from China, 12 American publishers, including Hachette and Penguin Random House, have sworn to monitor censorship in Chinese translations of books by foreign authors. Last May, The PEN American Center revealed that many authors did not even know that their books had been excised in their Chinese adaptations.


shutterstock_128197781 Voici un article spécialement sélectionné pour nos lecteurs français et francophones :

Echos de l’enfance aux Assises de la traduction d’Arles (source: Actualitte.com)

Du 6 au 8 novembre 2015 se tiendront les Assises de la Traduction d’Arles. Outre les différentes conférences données par des professionnels du secteur, divers ateliers s’adressent aux amateurs, qui se frotteront notamment au difficile exercice que constitue la traduction d’Harry Potter.


Photo Credit: Shutterstock

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