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Interview with BOTNATION AI’s Jonathan Chemouny

Interview with BOTNATION AI’s Jonathan Chemouny

Long-standing collaborator Uplike has been making some very interesting strategic moves by branching out into an all-new venture related to chatbots. Say a big hello to BOTNATION AI, the latest avant-garde player in this burgeoning field. Founded just recently, they’ve already begun working with us on the translation of their online content. Having developed its own Natural Language Processing Module (NLP), Botnation AI offers a B2B solution that gives brands an companies the chance to create and customise their very own chatbot. We sat down with Director of Strategy, Jonathan Chemouny, who gave use a whole new insight into the future of the chatbot, and more importantly, how the chatbot is the future.

1. “Can you tell us a little bit about your new venture, BotNation?”

BOTNATION AI gives you the chance to easily create and customise intelligent chatbots that have an immediate impact on your business and your customer services.

Our platforms relies on unique marketing tools that give you the possibility of providing customers with efficient and highly personalised conversatinal experiences. BOTNATION AI has developed its very own natural language processing module (NLP) and machine learning algorithm. The module itself is devoted to A/B testing, which tests several scenarios against one another in a given context, along with an analytics module that measures chatbot performance.

BOTNATION AI has already been chosen by FBStart, iAdvize and Google Chatbase, and the company has also won the Start Me Up competition run by Enedis.”

2. “What is a chatbot and what are its benefits?”

“A chatbot consists of software designed to reply to human interactions by using natural language from within an application or instant messenger.

Chatbots have multiple benefits. They have a genuine, immediate and measurable impact for businesses:Immediate response – chatbots are available 24/7

> They offer users a completely personalised experience.
> They work on multiple platforms and devices (Messenger, internet, applications…).
> They gather and process the information shared in conversations. With this data, you can gain a greater understanding of your users.
> They give your business an innovative and up-to-date image.”

3. “Why are they important for customer experience?”

“Nowadays, instant messaging applications harbour a huge proportion of the global internet audience, with 4 billion MAU (Monthly Active Users), and 1.2 billion for Facebook Messenger alone. According to a study conducted in February of this year, out of a sample group of 142 French brands, 80% were found to not reply to users on Facebook Messenger at all. Of the 20% of brands that did reply, the average response time was 2 hours and 48 minutes, which is both frustrating and disappointing from a user experience perspective. Against this backdrop, we very much understand the added value that a chatbot brings.”

4. “How can online marketers make use of chatbots?”

“Making use of our unique marketing tools, we at BOTNATION AI have identified 4 primary uses for chatbots, which are as follows:

> Providing a service – messages are automated and use artificial intelligence to reply to customers.
> Customer acquisition – the subject of the conversation is used as leverage to convert the customer’s need into a potential sale.
> Adding an extra feature – you can add a new feature onto your website or application that redirects visitors to the instant messenger.
> Getting the word out there – conversations with chatbots can help publicise your brand.”

5. “What is the future of chatbots?”

“Chatbot-operated instant messengers are only just beginning. Artificial intelligence will allow us to increase the number of direct interactions with users and offer them increasingly more possibilities.

At the same time, the platforms used today are evolving, and a genuine ecosystem is beginning to emerge around chatbots. Their features are growing, and some are beginning to offer the possibility of paying through the directly, of playing and so forth. These extra features are likely to grow and become increasingly automated.”


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