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How to Write a Catchy Headline?

How to Write a Catchy Headline?

When people use diverse social media, or even on search engines, they are generally bombarded with information. Now more than ever, internet users are becoming increasingly picky with regard to what they’ll actually take the time to read on the internet, and when writing online communications, your job is to create formulas that will catch their eye and appeal to them. If you manage a blog and you want people to read your posts or articles (which, as a blogger, is fairly important), then a good headline is an essential point of entry. Here is some advice on making your headline more attention-grabbing. .


1. Get to know your audience

To begin with, you need to analyse your followers in order to address them in the most suitable and appropriate way. Knowing your audience and what it expects from you will enable you to meet their expectations in your articles and blog posts, as well as helping you find the relevant terms to use in your headlines. For example, if you’re aiming your content at a younger audience your tone can be more informal, more relaxed and more humourous or cheeky, whereas if your subject is on the more serious side, you need to stay serious.


2. Always remain clear

Don’t overthink it. The simpler the better. Your readers need to very quickly get what your article is about and what they can get out of it. It is important to analyse your content in order to pick the most appropriate keywords to make your headline as effective as possible.


3. Think About Your Organic Ranking

The keywords that you use in your headline affect your ranking on the search engines. You need to carefully think about the most logical key formulas that people would type on internet. Tools such as Google Trends can provide you informations about tendencies and the most searched terms on internet according to different factors.


4. Make it catchy

There are different ways to make your headline attractive to the reader, increasing the chances of them clicking on it. You have to prove that you have concrete answers to the questions they may have.
Here are some examples of formulas you can use:

Numbers + Achievement: your ideas are organised, easier to read and understand. “5 Ways to Cook Like a Pro”

The “how to..” + Achievement formular: “How to be Better at Cooking?”, “How to be a Morning Person?”

Number + Attention-grabbing adjectives: “Incredible”, “Fun”, “Best” and more. It is a really efficient way to motivate people to click on your article.
“The 10 Best Ways to Cook Salmon”, “The 5 Funniest Games to Play with Your Friends”

Number + Mistake: “10 Common Errors that People Make While Driving”

Why + Advice: “Why you Should Stop Eating Fast-food Right Away”


Creating a catchy headline mustn’t be ignored. They are the first contact that your future reader will have with your article. They are not complicated to do, but you do need to think about a few criteria before drafting them. Don’t forget to pick the right keywords and to adapt your headline to the audience you’re addressing.

What about you? What tricks do you when writing a catchy headline?

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