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The Content News Café #7

The Content News Café #7

Follow the International Content Marketing news through our weekly press review

shutterstock_319653851 Here is what we found interesting last week in the English-speaking online press:

Twitter Debuts Moments (source: Techcrunch.com)

Twitters new functionality “Moments” has been launched in the US. Now, instead of following people, you can follow events and be updated in real time on a specific topic through photos, videos, GIFs, and Vines. Through this new feature, Twitter hopes to attract new users, as well as convince former users who disliked the social platform to join again.

I tried Facebook’s ‘Like’ replacement, and it stressed me out (source: Mashable.com)

Facebook is testing a new feature on its Ireland network to offer its users new ways to react to a post. Now, instead of simply liking, you can choose among six emojis which best fits your reaction.

10 Pinterest Profile Must-Haves [Infographic] (source: Socialmediatoday.com)

A very well-done infographic that will teach you how to boost your Pinterest account. Even though it is an Etsy-focused infographic, we think that it can be very useful for lots of brands. Some interesting additional piece of information is given: people who buy on Pinterest spend more money, more often than on the other five leading social media.

Reddit’s Uneasy Road to Social Media Maturity (source: Adweek.com)

Reddit is a way for Community Managers to access relevant information easier and faster. Nevertheless, even though they tried to become a full-fledged social media, the anonymity on the platform remains a problem due to the numerous trolls in the community.

How to Republish, Repurpose and Reinvent Your Content Using LinkedIn Publisher (source: Socialmediaexaminer.com)

This article explains how to use LinkedIn to share your blog content onto Pulse, LinkedIn’s article platform. Contrary to one might think, you should wait at least two weeks before republishing the same content as your blog’s on Pulse, because Google needs enough time between the two publications to be able to recognize which one was posted first. Should this not be the case, Google could fail to understand which article is the original one and see your blog post as a duplicate of the LinkedIn one. You will also be advised about how to gain engagement and visibility through the format of your articles.




Photo Credit: Shutterstock

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