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The Tea Time Translation News #2

The Tea Time Translation News #2

Every week, we go all over the Internet to find the best translation news

This week, we have selected 5 news in English:

When It Comes To Website Translation, Professional Is Always Best (source: Business2community.com)

Here you will learn why it is important to localise your website in order to enter new markets. This article explains from both local customers and SEO point of views why it is fundamental to work with native profesionnals, instead of settling for Google Translate.

Skype Translator rolling out to Windows Desktops (source: Itpro.co.uk)

Skype Translator is now available in 50 languages after being launched last year and having been tested since then. Reading this article, you will know more about the way the software works and have been improved over the past few months.

Google Searching to Fine-tune Translation (source: Khmertimeskh.com)

The “Love your Language Cambodia”  Google campaign aims at lowering the barrier between Khmer speakers and readers and the rest of the world on the Internet. After adding the Khmer language on Google Translate in 2013, the search engine now wants to get the translations better by promoting crowd-sourcing.

Translators: Publishing’s unsung heroes at work (source: Ft.com)

Books are less and less translated into English. In this article, you will read about some English-speaking translators and the way they fight for international books to be available in English. A striking piece of information we found out in here is that between 1990 and 2002, among the books written in a foreign language, only 4% were actually translated into English, when at the same time, the figure was 20% in Italy.

9 translators on what they love about translation (source: Blog.oxforddictionaries.com)

In this article, the floor is given to translators themselves to explain why they love what they are doing. We particularly like the opinion of Corinne McKay and Timothy Barton, who stated that most of the translators know much more than any other people, due to the fact that they have to translate any kind of content.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

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