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The Content News Café #9

The Content News Café #9

Follow the International Content Marketing news through our weekly press review

shutterstock_319653851 This week, we selected the following articles in the English-speaking online press:

The Beginner’s Checklist To Planning Your Social And Digital Media Strategy (source: Socialmediaweek.org)

Since the very beginning of Web Marketing, many techniques and tools have appeared to help Community Managers to manage it better. Here we get back to the fundamentals of a good digital media strategy. And one piece of advice we particularly enjoyed at Mediateo is to make sure your grammar is top-notch.

The 5 Step Strategy to Making Your Content Go Viral on Social (source: Socialmediatoday.com)

To get the best of your online publications, writing quality content is just not good enough. Here are five tips by  Margot de Cunha at SocialMediaToday to help you make a difference. A perfect headline, using punchy adjectives, a number or a direct question to the reader, is a great start. Read along to find out more.

7 Ways Psychology Can Make Your Facebook Ads Unforgettable (source: Adespresso.com)

Did you know that a specific part of our brain responded only to faces and sought them out all the time? We didn’t know until now! But that fact only means you should always use pictures showing faces on your Facebook visuals. Also, as proven by research, facial expressions are universal and not cultural, so you should think about using emotion-driven pictures.

How to Use the LinkedIn Relationship Tab to Improve Your Networking (source: Socialmediaexaminer.com)

If you have many contacts on LinkedIn, it can be quite complicated to remember how you are connected with all of them. This article provides tips on how to be more effective at keeping in touch on LinkedIn. Two nice features are the Note tool which enables you to write down your contacts’ specific skills next to their profile and the How You Met tab, the purpose of which, as its name suggests, is to enter the circumstances you met them.



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