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The Tea Time Translation News #1

The Tea Time Translation News #1

Every week, we go all over the Internet to find the best translation news

shutterstock_319653851 Here is what we found out for you this week in English:

The art of proofreading Braille (source: Bostonglobe.com)
Testimony of Pearcy, a young Braille proofreader from the USA, about how important her job still is in a digital society where audio versions increase.

‘Spring Awakening’ Melds Song and Sign Language (source: Wsj.com)
An article about the new musical “Spring Awakening”, played in Broadway’s Brooks Atkinson Theatre (New York), where a deaf actor is signing while a hearing actor is singing, in a story that deals with lack of communication. This is also the opportunity to mention the way deaf people perceive music as well as the challenges involved in translating plays into Sign Language.

King – Man + Woman = Queen: The Marvelous Mathematics of Computational Linguistics (source: Technologyreview.com)
Explaining the connexion of words according to computing systems, this article shows a new linguistic perpective and the problems it can both solve and create on softwares.


shutterstock_128197781 Voici ce qui nous a interpellé cette semaine en français :

Les joies de l’absurde : ce qui se cache derrière Google Traduction (source: Rue89.nouvelobs.com)
Billet d’humeur sur les traductions insensées de Google Translate, cet article détaille l’évolution de l’application, et explique la façon dont elle fonctionne.

Don Quichotte serait “une grossière traduction du catalan vers l’espagnol” (source: Actualitte.com)
L’histoire d’un débat entre indépendantistes catalans et non-indépendantistes sur l’origine véritable du célèbre roman espagnol et de son auteur.


Photo Credit: Shutterstock

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