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The Tea Time Translation News #11

The Tea Time Translation News #11

Every week, we go all over the Internet to find the best translation news

Union Jack Flag Badge - Flag of the United Kingdom Button Isolated on White Here are some articles that interested us this week:

Regional languages are the lynchpin to India’s Internet boom (source: Thehindu.com)

The number of Internet users is growing rapidly in India. The country is actually expected to have the second largest Internet user base in the world by the middle of next year. If most of the users were urban people in the past, new users will mostly connect from the countryside in the future. However, only 0.1% of the entire worldwide web content is available in Indian languages, but this is about to change.

Telephone interpreting: a reality that is here to stay (source: Lourdesderioja.com)

Telephone interpreting is a growing practice within the translation world. It is easier and cheaper than traditional interpretation, as professionals do not need to add any travel expenses or waiting times to their costs. Nevertheless, some professional interpreters claim that on-site interpreting is a much more efficient method.

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